Managing Risks, Improving Profits

Detailed Processing Specializing in Automotive Warranty Consulting


Dedicated Warranty Consultants for the Automotive Industry

Detailed Processing Inc. offers comprehensive consulting services to help automotive dealers with warranty management. We can help with Process Reviews, Warranty Training, as well as follow-up reviews. By utilizing strategic approaches, we’re able to help you minimize risks while improving profits.

Process Reviews

The Repair Order Process Review consists of an in depth analysis of existing claims. A full report of discrepancies with an estimated audit exposure calculation with extrapolation. Including a projection of monthly revenue being left on the table.

A tailored training program is developed for your team.


Warranty Training

Warranty/Booker training consists of three to five days of training at the dealers’ location:
Training on correct coding of claims, processing, and policy and procedures.
Review of required documentation.
Training to maximize and protect claims.
Review of daily work: credit notes, schedules, and overlap...

Follow-Up Reviews

Follow-up reviews are conducted every three months until the dealership reaches the goal of under 10% discrepancies. After the goal is obtained, follow-up visits every four months to keep personnel motivated and train any new personnel.
Follow-up visits consist of...


Ed McGill

Dealer Principal

“Several years ago, we asked BMW for some guidance on managing warranty processes and indexes. They quickly suggested Carol Walsh. Little did we know what a treasure we had found! Carol quickly evaluated our people and processes and took action to make immediate improvements. Techs and Warranty Administrators were trained, and more importantly, shown how to improve their productivity while at the same time controlling warranty exposures. Now, each tech wants to know when Carol is coming in next and how much they have improved from her last visit. We have better productivity, better documentation, inline indexes, and a very large return on investment thanks to Carol and her professional and motivational skills. In a challenging economy, this is one resource we cannot live without at our two BMW stores. Carol has my highest recommendation.”

BMW of Bridgeport & BMW of Ridgefield, CT

Robert Teunisen

Director of Fixed Operations

“I have used Detail Processing Inc. at multiple locations and have always found the information we receive to be on point and tangible. What truly sets this company apart from the rest is the ongoing training of our employees as it relates to what has been reviewed. The use of our actual repair orders and data as training material lends a sense of realism that can’t be matched in any textbook or classroom environment. From our technicians to our Warranty Coders, we have all benefited from our association with this company.”

New York

Charles J. Napolitano

Vice President

“In my mind, the one thing that makes a consultancy great (not just adequate) is the depth of knowledge and personal commitment of the principal owner. Your personal involvement and your ability to interface directly with my staff (in groups or one on one), giving them the criticism they need and direction for improvement while preserving their self-respect, is what sets you apart from so many others. Aside from the financial improvement we have experienced with your guidance, I am more comfortable than ever that we operate within the strict compliance guidelines you and I expect.”

Callari Auto Group, Darien, CT

Timothy A. Parker

General Manager

“We have been working with Carol Walsh for a couple of years, and during that time, we have seen many improvements in our processes and a great reduction in lost sales revenue. The return on investment alone makes using Carol a sound decision. Combining that with her ability to train warranty administrators, service advisors, and technicians and relate to these people at their level is just added value.”

BMW, Hartford, CT