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Process Review

Repair Order Process Review consists of a one-week analysis and training program at the dealers’ location: Examination of existing claims with a full report on discrepancies found and estimated audit exposure dollars. Estimate of monthly revenue being left on the table, ...

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Warranty Training

Warranty/Booker training consists of 3 to 5 days training at the dealers’ location: Training on correct coding of claims, processing, and Policy & Procedures. Review of required documentation. Training to maximize and protect claims. Review of daily work: credit notes, schedules & overlap ...

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Follow Up Review

Follow-up reviews are conducted every 3 months until the dealership reaches the goal of under 10 percent discrepancies. After the goal is obtained follow-up visits every 4  months to keep personnel motivated and train any new personnel. Follow-up visits consist of ...

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NEW Advanced Technician Training class- Booking for 2019

In Depth  Instruction on Diagnostic punch time vs. work time. Understanding & Reducing overlapping labor. Technical writing. Comprehensive coding.
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Serving the Tri-State & New England area

Specializing in Warranty Policy & Procedures for BMW, Mini, Mercedes & Porsche Warranty coder Administrator training. Technician Technical Writing & Punch time training. Serving New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts areas.
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