Warranty Training

Warranty/Booker training consists of 3 to 5 days training at the dealers’ location:

  • Training on correct coding of claims, processing, and Policy & Procedures.
  • Review of required documentation.
  • Training to maximize and protect claims.
  • Review of daily work: credit notes, schedules & overlap usage.
  • Time management.
  • Set up of safety nets.

The average lost revenue range from 5 to 20%= $2,000. -$20,000. Monthly.

Average 6-week improvement on lost revenue after Warranty/Booker training average from 5 to 12%.

The goal is to be 10% or less in discrepancy and 0% in lost revenue.

Detailed Processing Inc. has dealers that have reached and maintained that goal.

When the Repair Order Process review is performed with the Warranty Administrator/Booker training the dealership gets much faster results.