Process Review

Repair Order Process Review consists of a one-week analysis and training program at the dealers’ location:

  • Examination of existing claims with a full report on discrepancies found and estimated audit exposure dollars.
  • Estimate of monthly revenue being left on the table, with training to ensure the dealer doesn’t continue to have these monthly losses.
  • Training for Technicians on the three C’s, punch times and documentation.
  • Training for Service Advisors on proper write-up and Policy and Procedures.

The average results of Discrepancies found on the first initial visit, range from 55% to 90% out of 100 repair orders.  This means the dealership is performing less than half correctly, as per Policy and Procedures, a staggering number.  After completion of the Repair Order Process Review, a return visit in 6 weeks for a 2 to 3 day (depending on the size of the dealership) is conducted for a follow-up review.  At this review, an analysis of 100 repair orders are created after the initial training, all discrepancies are noted and a meeting with each department is held to review the findings.

After the 6-week follow-up, return visits are conducted with the dealership every 3 months; additional basic training for any new service personnel is performed during these visits to ensure all personnel are on the same page. A full report is sent to the dealership after each visit. It is during the follow-up visits and the definitive factor that keep all employees motivated to do their best. They all like to see the improvements they have achieved.

Average 6-week improvements on discrepancies vary from 20 to 40%.

The goal set for the dealership is 10% or less in discrepancy.

Full report includes:

List of all discrepancies and lost revenue found.

Areas in need of improvement.

Evaluation of coding process and performance.

Suggestions for areas of continued focus.

Evaluation of indexes.

Suggestions for maximizing claim payment efficiencies.

Copies of handouts and guidelines given to personnel.